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C.User Reviews for Westwerk German Auto


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Mark R.
Montebello, Ca

 I own a 2003 Porsche Boxster S.  At 46, I have had the good fortune to own and drive many high-performance automobiles.  I share this with you as I think it helpful for all of you who will be reading this review to have an accurate perspective on who is writing the following.

My very first visit to Westwerks was the result of my reading the excellent and accurate reviews of this terrific shop on Yelp.  My car had suddenly begun to register a very high engine temperature.  Fortunately, but frustratingly, there was no sign of leaking anywhere.  I researched the symptoms on the Internet and by sheer serendipity I read the review of David C.'s, which made me more at ease as, prima facie, it appeared he had the very same ailment (cracked overflow coolant tank) successfully rectified by Westwerks.  

Even so, I was facing a potentially very expensive repair and I was nervous.  My then current Porsche specialist had gone on sudden hiatus and I found myself in need of an excellent and reputable mechanic to take care of my pampered car.  I telephoned Westwerks and explained the situation to Renee who put me at ease almost immediately with her relaxed and polite manner.  I was also rather pleasantly surprised by her clear insight in to my situation; especially since she is the office manager and, with all due respect, not one of the mechanics.  I made an appointment and brought my car to their immaculate shop, which is clean and organized, but no nonsense.  This place is all about the customer and their car.  Turns out, Renee is not only the office manager, but the parts procurement specialist, job estimator, and point person for all communication between Chris (head mechanic), Bill (owner) and clients and she does all of these things very well.  The three of them operate as a truly professional team.

Renee took all my contact information and kept me up-to-date on my car's status via email and telephone.  The estimates provided me were very accurate, too.  I was informed that the car's malady was actually a failed water pump, thermostat, and two main hoses.  While dismantling the defective part, they noticed that the serpentine belt, tensioner, and rollers were in need of imminent replacement.  In the process, they cleaned out the a/c condenser, cleared all codes on the scanner, and test drove the car to make certain it was truly ready to be enjoyed. I so appreciate their foresight and thoughtfulness.  Although I may have spent a pretty penny, their care and thoroughness has saved me a lot of money.  It would have cost me twice as much to replace the aforementioned items if done on a later date due to the amount of time to remove the tightly fitted engine and related parts.

As an aside, Renee also set me up with Hertz (located only a few blocks away).  Westwerks and Hertz have a long-standing positive relationship.  As a result, they take very good care of their shared clients and even arrange pick-up service from Westwerks to Hertz for one's rental.

On my most recent visit to Westwerks (as a confident, repeat customer), I had intended on having my brakes (all pads and rotors) replaced as the "Brake Wear" light had illuminated on the dash.  I had telephoned Renee and made an appointment to have the work done.  Upon arrival, Chris and Bill performed a visual inspection of my brakes.  They told me that although the work could be done at this time, it would be relatively premature.  In fact, with their previous knowledge of both my driving style and the extreme care with which I treat my car, they informed me that I would be best advised to keep driving until the pads wore down a bit more.  They were extremely specific and helpful in how to do so.  Keep in mind; this is an approximately $2,000 job and they are so HONEST and PROFESSIONAL that they are willing to postpone the work for all the right reasons.  I have found more than mechanics for life.  I have found a renewed faith in humanity.

The people (Bill, Chris, and Renee) at Westwerks are amazing in so many ways.  They are HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXPERIENCED, INFORMATIVE, COMMUNICATIVE, THOUGHTFUL, and PROFESSIONAL.  They find the best parts for the best prices - not just one or the other, but BOTH!  They have earned my CONFIDENCE, TRUST, and BUSINESS.  

An owner of a high-performance car knows well enough that such ownership requires regular maintenance and, at times, this work can be expensive.  However, Bill, Chris, and Renee make said ownership painless in that one knows that the price they are paying is for excellent service and at a very competitive price - always less than the dealer and often times less than their private competitors.  Moreover, it is done honestly.  They have a lifetime client in me.

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Sarah D ...Los Angeles, Ca


My husband and I both get our cars serviced at Westwerk.
We own a BMW M5 and a Porsche boxster and ever since we've taken them to Renee and Chris they run like a dream.

Not only are Renee and Chris lovely people they are incredible professional.

Our first experience at Westwerk was when we took my little porshe in for a check up and an oil change. Chris went over the car with a fine tooth comb and tweaked a few little things that needed seeing too. Before the service I told them I could hear a strange sound from the car and thought it might be the cooling fan.
Sadly I was correct there was a problem with the cooling fan, so I got ready to dish out the cash for a new one. But thanks to Chris I was able to save lots of money, as it was just some wiring which was hitting the cooling fan. He mended the wiring and now everything works like clock work.

Anyhow, if you want amazing service bring your car here. They will ensure you leave with a car that is running just like it should.


It's so hard to find a porsche mechanic.. a reliable, trustworthy one that is.. until I stumbled upon Yelp and lead me to Westwerk auto. I didn't want to go back to Rusnak because you all know the dealer charges you an arm and a leg. Westwerk is as honest as they get. I decided to give it a try because of del L. 's review so thank you Del L...I had the same exact problem the cel, check engine light came on my 2003  996 turbo.. and of course check engine oh man i knew i was about to fork over some serious dough at Pasadena Rusnak. But they handled the problem decoded the bug on my check engine light, change my spark plug wires, all and all very happy with the result, di

did the job as promised.. Renee kept me up to date with what's happening to my car and here I am a week later..And Happy to have my baby home safe in the garage..thanks again westwerk auto, great customer service, resonable price, and very knowledgeable with my car..i'll be returning again with my porsche and car needs.

Brenda M. Southgate


So I had a smog check done at a BMW place around the corner from my house on Monday...it was the first smog check my car ever needed for registration, so I was not quite sure what the car does after a smog check. It passed w/o any problems. Come Tuesday morning, I pull out of my driveway and my car is now pulling and stalling when I accelerate. This was scary as I know anything on a BMW, or any foreign car, is quite expensive to repair. I thought, maybe it'll stop doing that since it had never happened before. Well, Wednesday, the problem continued and seemed to be getting worse. My car was even trembling when I was at a red light and then the dreaded "Check Engine Soon" light came on. I knew this could mean A LOT of money!!  i don't know much about cars, but I know that anything having to do with the engine is not good. I wasn't sure if it had something to do with the smog check or whether it was just a coincidence. I decided to have it checked out the next morning, but wasn't sure if I should take it to the place I had gotten the smog check done, or somewhere else. Well, I woke up the next morning, Thursday, and checked for a local BMW place. Westwerk Auto came up and because of the few, but great reviews, i decided to call.

Renee answered and like the others, she immediately gives you a good feeling. I explained to her what was going on with my car and as soon as I mentioned the smog check done on Monday, she mentioned that it might have to do with that and that if I took in my car, they would run the test on it for free to see what codes came up. That sounded great to me since I know that can run from $90 to $100. I took it in and as soon as I got there, Renee introduced me to Bill (the owner I believe) and Chris, the mechanic. Chris immediately hooked up my car and got the codes. Bill mentioned that it was most likely a coincidence that the light came on after the smog check. He was right.

It turns out it was an ignition coil that was misfiring and needed to be replaced. They really took the time to explain to me what was going on with my car, enough that I was able to tell someone else about it and even they were impressed with my explanation of what was going on with my car and even he said they must have done a great job at explaining it to me.

They removed the check engine light and told me to drive it that day to make sure that the light would come back on and if I wanted to, I could take it in the next morning, Friday, because it wouldn't be a whole day job anyway. Well, the light came back on, so I was there the very next morning at 8:30 AM. By 12:50 PM, my car was ready for pick up. It just so happened my son was sick, so I couldn't make it by closing time to pick up my car, but Renee was nice enough to go in on Saturday morning (they're closed weekends) so that I would be able to pick up my car because it is my only means of transportation. I was there at 7:30 AM on Saturday and picked up my car and I am extremely happy to say it is running as smooth as before this whole incident.

I am very happy with the service and the charge ($159) that I will definitely be returning there for any future problem I may have. I also asked about oil changes and that service is offered there, too, so I will make that my place of service for as long as I live in L.A.

Overall, Westwerk definitely deserves the 5 star rating for their service and for making sure that they are taking care of the problem and not just charging you for things that aren't the actual problem. Being a female who doesn't know about cars, I probably wouldn't have known what I was being over-charged for, but I am confident that I don't have to worry about that at Westwerk.

Thanks again!!!


5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

05/18/2008 Posted by asp811

Is an honest mechanic an oxymoron? Maybe in most parts of this town, but at Westwerk they believe in earning an honest buck. I've always had my repairs explained to me, and I never feel like the wool is being pulled over my eyes. I was first introduced to Westwerk because I was working in OC and wanted to find a mechanic close to work, just in case. I took my time and checked out several garages. What struck me different about this shop was that everything was neat and clean. Then I looked around and scoped several classic Porches being worked on. I know the people that own classic Porches are very particular about who works on their vehicles, and with about 4 of them in the shop...well, I felt I had found the right place. I live in the Westside and I have all three of my German vehicles serviced there. They're an hour away from me (one way) but I think its worth it to have peace of mind. Finding a qualified mechanic in this town is tough, finding one that is both skilled and honest is a rare find.

Pros: Peace of mind, good value, friendly staff.

    From Del L. Orange Country, CA


The CEL, Check Engine Light, presented on the dashboard of my Porsche 996 Carrera about two weeks ago. I don't have to tell you what that feels like, as most of us already know it means $$$ of repair. Nevertheless, I had to start searching for an independent Porsche technician, as from experience,  the dealerships overcharge for mediocre service.

After reading David C.'s glowing review of Westwerk, (below) I decided to give Westwerk a go at it.

From the beginning, my conversations with Renee put me at ease about their service, and instilled confidence with their technicians. She was very courteous and informed on the matter of my 996.

I have a code scanner/reader and had scanned my 996 prior to calling Renee. The code I read was, "P1640, O2S ahead of catalytic converter cyl. 1-3." I requested a quote, from Renee, to replace the one oxygen sensor per my scanner code. Renee quoted approximately $287.00 for the OEM part and labor, which was far less than the Porsche dealership. However, Renee had some reservations about ordering the part for the repair, as she could not find the error code I stated with a matching description of the malfunction. She invited me to bring my 996 into Westwerk to have their technicians give the vehicle a thorough once over. I agreed to drop off my 996 for their inspection.

Upon arriving at Westwerk, I was honestly surprised. I had expected a rather large facility with marble tiles and granite counters. I have no idea why I expected this. Perhaps living in Orange County and watching too much HGTV led me to such expectations.

Westwerk is a Spartan establishment. They really do keep it simple. But looks can be deceiving as their s
hop had quite a few Porsches; some undergoing repair, and some waiting for service. In my opinion, the true measure of any repair facility is the amount of vehicles present. Each vehicle represents an owner who has the utmost confidence in the facility to repair/maintain their finely engineered machines. I felt no hesitation in leaving my 996 in their capable hands.

Well, fast forward about three days later. Renee called and stated they were unable to find anything related to my CEL incidence. After retaining my vehicle for three days and performing  extensive testing and observations, they did not observe another CEL presenting itself. All four of my O2 sensors were fully functional. There was no need to replace any of them. My Mass Air Flow sensor, MAF, was also tested, and was found to be in excellent working condition. Westwerk technicians concluded it may have been an isolated incidence. The code P1640 I had scanned previously, related to an Engine Control Module, ECM, malfunction. Westwerk could not duplicate the CEL error code and so did not advise changing out the ECM for the time being.

 picked up my 996 and paid the $95.00 diagnostic fee. Renee stated if the CEL presented itself again,  Westwerk would perform the diagnostics once more without an additional charge.

I drove my 996 home with renewed confidence in my vehicle, and it performed quite well if I might add.

I should not have to tell you all that I was very pleased with the whole matter. If I had taken my Porsche 996 to the dealer, their technicians would have recommended the replacement of all four O2 sensors, then the MAF, and of course the ECM. It's not their money, so it's easy to make such recommendations.

Overall, I was very satisfied with Westwerk's professional service and would highly recommend their services to anyone I meet.

12223 Woodruff Ave  Downey, CA 90241

Reviewed by David C.

As anyone knows, finding a good service center for your car can be an agonizing experience.  The dealer is sure to price gouge you, and going outside to an independent mechanic is always a risky proposition.  Swindlers lurk out there, and if you're not careful you might drive off with more problems than you walked in with.  

Well Porsche owners (and BMW & Audi owners for that matter) take heart.   I took the leap of faith last week and found a terrific independent service center in Westwerk German Auto.  

In the past few months I noticed that my vehicle had been slow dripping coolant over the left exhaust tip, and with a quick search on the Porsche owner's forum I found out that this was probably a cracked coolant/expansion tank leak that is common for the 996's.   Forum members estimated that the cost to fix this problem would be around $650.  

I searched google for an independent mechanic because because I generally stay away from the dealerships (especially Mckenna - shady stories from insiders who have worked there!).  Several came up including Westwerk, but Westwerk was the only Porsche specialist that had one positive review on Citysearch.   They also had their own website that just gave you a good feeling about the place - I think I was sold on the fact that they have been in the same location for over 26 years.  Not a lot of  independent businesses can boast that type of longevity.

Anyways, I called several places including my former mechanic to compare prices, and Westwerk gave me a quote that was $200 less than the average quote of $800.

But more importantly, the customer service manager Renee (sp?) just sounded like a genuine person who WANTED to help you.  Its true what Malcolm Gladwell argues in his book Blink - in a split second your intuition will tell you all that you need to know about a person.  And after speaking with Renee on the phone and seeing their presence online, I felt very comfortable about bringing my car into Westwerk for the job.

To make a long story short, the job turned out great and came in around $533 with taxes- about $150 less than what other Porsche owners were reporting in the forum.   Renee had also subtracted an hour of labor costs off the original quote because she realized that she had mistakenly quoted me labor for a Turbo model (takes longer to complete).  And in truth I would have never known the difference.  She could have billed me an extra hour and Westwerk could have pocketed an additional $90 without me ever knowing.  To me, that spoke volumes about their character.  

The shop itself is very relaxed and retro.  They were restoring a couple of classic Porsches when I was there, and the place has a mellow family feel to it. I met the mechanic who worked on my car, Chris, and he's a very friendly guy who takes the time to answer your questions.  Great people, great service.  

So in conclusion, I am happy to submit this glowing review for Westwerk German Auto.  They just found a new customer and they deserve all the business that they can get.    

link to the review I saw on CItysearch:


12223 Woodruff Ave, Downey, CA 90241

Reviewed by DinnerForTwo l.

I brought my Audi in because of a vibration I was feeling at low speeds.

I have to agree w/ the previous two yelpers:  This place is GREAT.  Renee answers the phone and she is very sweet and professional (won't find that at many shops).  I appreciate that kind of thing.  When I got there I saw another Ultrasport on a lift so that made me feel even more at ease.

Basically it was supposed to be a $95 charge or so to diagnose a problem and they were very honest about the vibration being a bent wheel (two actually).  They ended up charging me NOTHING because she said all they did was test drive it and put it up on the lift.

Since wheel repair is not their specialty, they referred me to another place (All Star Tires, which happens to have good reviews on yelp as well) to get new wheels, tires, etc.

Bottom line:  Honest diagnosis and they didn't charge me ANYTHING.  As long as I live in So Cal I will be taking my car to Westwerk.  You can trust this place.  5 Stars.

    From a Postcard dated: August, 20, 2010 sent to Westwerk Porsche/Audi/BMW  Repair:   

To Bill, Chris and Renee,

I want to thank each one of you for your kindness your the best !
What a wonderful experience to find good, honest mechanics.
And what can I say about Renee other than 3 shout outs continue
to be who you are sweet and kind.
See Ya Soon and talk about first Impressions.

Sincere Thanks: Alexis  & Gloria


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       September 13, 2010  Renee Fowler, Service RepresentativeWestwerk German Auto Repair12223 Woodruff Avenue Downey, CA 90241 Dear Renee, Thank you for your recent correspondence, including a copy of the billing statement forthe repairs that your service department recently completed on Gia Revelli's Audi A4Sedan.  Gia and I are very happy with repairs that were made, as well as with theexcellent level of service that you have provided us.  I especially appreciate your reference for an establishment that does body work for the evaluation of the bumper repair and we will be contacting them soon for an estimate. Warmest Regards, James M. Silva, Esq. Cc: Gia Revelli
Photo of Ben D.""  5/11/2010
Ben D
Los Angeles, Ca

Westwerk is the place to go in Los Angeles for German car repair.
They are an extremely friendly and helpful crew that gives you the feel of a family that really cares.
Westwerk does excellent quality work at a fair price and they really go the extra mile to help their clients.
I went there for repairs on my VW GTI and will continue to usethem for my BMW 325


I took my S55 AMG for breaks.  Good price and they did a good job.  I am getting my ML service their next.

Steve L.
Downey, CA


5 star Mechanic service.

I initially called this fine shop after finding them on Google. I made an appointment with the nice gal Renee that does the scheduling. She was overly friendly and nice. I assumed they were a NEW business. Come to find out, they have been around for 33 years. To my surprise, they had a number of nice Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes vehicles in their lot.

Here are the benefits as I saw:

Great Pricing
Friendly Staff
VERY accommodating (I had to leave my car 3 extra days)
Honest (The crew advised me it will be cheaper buy a new car than to repair this one)
Convenient location
33 years in business

Be sure to call in advance, as they couldn't get my car in for a week from when I called.


Westwerk German Auto   


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