Westwerk German Auto Since 1978


Westwerk German Auto has been servicing and repairing Porsche,

Audi, BMW, Mini, and Mercedes Benz for over 40 years! 

Our mechanics are factory trained and we have been in the same location for over 40 years.  

Come join our loyal customers and receive good service and expert repairs at reasonable prices. You  can  enjoy an enhanced driving experience, by maintaining and repairing your car at Westwerk German Auto. 

In The Beginning...

Starting out as the first gas station in town and offering standard maintenance such as oil changes and tire repair, Westwerk German Auto transitioned to a full service body shop over time. In the late 90's a new wing was added for body work including custom paint jobs. Already certified in many areas, we are still growing fast!

...Still Running

We have a proud history of excellent work and customers service. We have remained loyal in serving our community and, in return, have been recognized through the years by our township, state, and local business organizations. Through our success, we have also been able to give back to our community through donating and volunteering with many local charities.

Full Service German Auto repair

Scheduled Maintenance - We Do It All


  • 30k, 60k, 90k Service
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Repair
  • Brakes
  • Carburetor Adjustment & Rebuild
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Engines And Transmissions
  • Fuel Injection
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Hoses and Belts Replacement
  • Mercedes A & B Service
  • Oil Changes
  • Overheating
  • PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection)
  • Starters
  • Suspension
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tune Up
  • Water Pump




Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning


During a brake service the condition of the brake pads, the rotors and the calipers and sensors are all inspected .  These things are repaired or replaced if necessary to factory specifications. 

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Porsche Air Conditioning and Heating Repair.

Make Sure Your A/C Is Working!

There's nothing like cool air blowing from your vents on a hot summer day. However, when the air conditioning in your vehicle stops working, that's a big problem! Bring your vehicle into Westwerk German Auto and let us inspect your A/C system.

Engine Work

Air Conditioning

Scheduled Maintenance


At Westwerk German Auto rebuilding Porsche engines is our specialty, and after 40+ years of experience, our experienced technicians can rebuild your vehicle’s engine with craftsmanship-like precision and quality.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance


 Major Service for all Scheduled Maintenance Intervals. Spark plugs, automatic transmission service, (this varies  with model and year), differential gear lube checked changed if needed, timing belt changed if applicable. 

Whether you’re in need of a transmission overhaul, or something as simple as a car air filter replacement, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you choose Westwerk German Auto. 


If you’re unsure what your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is, don’t worry — that’s why we’re here! Westwerk German Auto is passionate about servicing all Porsche models, and we’ll know exactly how to service your vehicle based on its age, mileage, and overall condition.

Save time and money by avoiding the dealership and visiting Westwerk German Auto in Downey. Call to Schedule an Appointment or feel free to ask any questions.


Scheduled Maintenance


Porsche Transmission Repair and Service.


  • Transmission fluids drain and fill
  • Transmission pan gasket replacement (Not apply to manual trans)
  • Transmission filter replacement (Not apply to manual trans)
  • Front differential fluids drain and fill
  • Rear differential fluids drain and fill
  • Transfer case fluids drain and fill
  • Replace necessary o-ring and seals
  • Check and reset control unit
  • Road test


Scheduled Maintenance



Your car's suspension system helps support the overall control of your car and offers you a smoother ride—even on the bumpiest roads. ... Your suspension uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to soften the jolts caused by bumps, potholes and other irregularities found on gravel, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

 How do you know when it's time for suspension repair? Your vehicle will usually tell you.  

 Most people can tell their shocks or struts are wearing out when they begin to feel every bump in the road, or when every bump causes the vehicle body to "bounce." A rough ride is an obvious sign that your vehicle's suspension needs work. 

 The purpose of your vehicle’s suspension is to maximize tire traction by keeping the vehicles tires in contact with the road surface.  It also provides steering stability with good handling and will ensure the comfort of the passengers.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection



Are you finally ready to buy that Porsche you’ve always dreamed of? Or are you an investor looking to add another classic vehicle to your collection? Recognize that a top-notch Pre-Purchase Inspection, or PPI, can save you thousands of dollars and may help you avoid a mistake. A Porsche is not just a car – it’s a work of art that will become a substantial asset over time. Doesn’t it make sense to consult an expert? Consult with us here at Westwerk German Auto to make your Dream a Reality. 


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection


 Let’s break down the jargon first. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This means that OEM replacement parts are exactly the same as what was originally used. They’re designed and produced by the same brand manufacturer that made your vehicle. The benefits of OEM parts are that they’re easy to find at the dealer, you know they’ll work, and they’re backed with a warranty guarantee. 

 With Genuine Porsche Parts, you’re assured of superior quality and fit, corrosion resistance, warranty coverage, and safety. Every part has been specifically designed and engineered for your Porsche vehicle, so you can be sure that your vehicle is getting the ideal solution. These are the only parts that are covered by your Porsche warranty, so if your car is still under warranty, you definitely want to choose genuine Porsche parts. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, you’ll want to use OEM parts to ensure an accurate fit and safety. 


Pre-Purchase Inspection



Why Should I Get My Tires Aligned?

There are lots of advantages that come with getting your tires aligned at least once or twice a year. In fact, failure to get your tires aligned regularly can lead to:

Steering Wheel Misalignment – The car doesn’t drive straight when the steering wheel is at 12 o’clock.

Pulling to Left or Right – The steering system tends to pull to the left or right, requiring you to make constant corrections with the steering wheel.

Uneven Tire Wear – If your wheels aren’t aligned, you’ll likely notice that your tire tread is wearing unevenly, which could force you to have to buy a new set of tires sooner than you otherwise would.

Pulsing and Shaking – The chassis and/or steering wheel give an uncomfortable feedback to to the misalignment of the wheels.

Final Test Drive

We Take Pride In Our Work & Stand Behind It.

Only so much of the condition of your vehicle can be diagnosed and assessed in our workshop. The Final Test Drive which takes place after the work has been carried out, will confirm that your car is ready to be handed back to you.

Test Drive includes: 

• Remote control 

• Front Seats 

• Foot and Parking Brake 

• Engine • Clutch 

• Steering 

• Transmission 

• Park Assist 

• Speed Control 

• PSM Switch 

• PASM Switch 

• Sport Switch 

• Heating & Air Conditioning System 

• Instruments

Porsche Slop Nose on a Test Drive to assure quality and craftsmanship.

 Porsche....there is no substitute 

~ Ferdinand Porsche

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Westwerk German Auto has been serving your Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Mini repair needs for over 40 years in the greater Downey, California area, including: 


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